Educational Support for Children's Infinite Potential

Little Library Project

Little Library Project is originated from an International NGO ‘The BeautifulLearning’ in Republic of Korea. The BeautifulLearning aims to support underprivileged children by providing educational services. After working in the country for more than ten years, The BeautifulLearning turned its sight to Asia, especially Asian developing countries. Little Library Project believes in the power of reading and education. Book is the key to make change in children’s lives. We hope that, from this project, children in Asian developing countries experience hope and blossom into leaders for the world.

10,000 Little Libraries all over Asia

Little Library Project chose three goals from

UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)that match our work.

We provide quality books and educational services to beneficiaries.

Our project supports children for their communities’ sustainability.

To actualize our vision, we consider cooperating with others as our top priority.

Our Values


We are active NGO Workers.

We take initiative and fulfill

our responsibility


Diversity leads to growth.

Together, we can achieve

sustainable community


We are not afraid of failures.

It is our duty to continue

challenging with joy


Our donors are one of us.

We share the sense of contribution

transparently with our supporters