Seoul to Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh to Asia


Cambodia is a developing country in Southeast Asia showing rapid growth in economy

due to success in tourism and influx of foreign investments.

However, the benefit of economic development has not been distributed quite fairly to all.

To overcome this situation and achieve its goal to become a middle-income country in 2030,

Cambodia is focusing more on education and infrastructure.

Younger generation of Cambodia is also now aware of the importance of education and started

raising their voices for equitable and accessible education for all.

To respond, we chose Cambodia as our first partner country and started this project.


Provided 15,500 books for 24,400 students

The situation that Cambodia is facing right now,

in lack of human capital and in need to develop education, is due to The Killing Fields in 1970s.

Khmer Rouge, the radical communist party, committed genocide to coerce

their ideals to Cambodian people and to get rid of their political opponents including numerous intellects.

This tragedy has led to severe traumas in the country, especially educationally.

Cambodia lost the cycle of knowledge reproduction due to the absence of former generation of intellectuals

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Together, we can start a change in the society and give hope to children.

It is time for us to react and march alongside