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Everything stopped in 2020. Every place was closed. Students stopped going to school to prevent COVID-19.

Even though the situation is same for all, impact of the pandemic is incomparably worse to those who are in unfortunate situations.

This is much severe in terms of education. School is the essence of education in developing countries.

Without attending school regularly, it is nearly impossible for children to continue their studies,

especially with the lack of infrastructure and resources like Internet and electronic devices.

To overcome this situation, Little Library Project devised two new programs to enable online and offline remote learning.

Lili Online Class

Now with the pandemic, numerous children in Asian developing countries are in the crisis of giving up on education. It is not an overstatement to say that children in these countries do not have the access to good-quality books. To support these children, Little Library Project started an online reading program, 'LILI ONLINE CLASS’. We believe that these sessions will support children with the benefits of reading such as broaden perspective, and development in cognition and critical thinking. Click the button to watch the first episode of LILI Online Class!

Lili Seed

With the outbreak of COVID-19, students all over the world stopped going to school. Unlike industrialized countries, a number of children in developing countries do not have the resources and infrastructure for online remote learning. Under the circumstances that they are in, children in Asian developing countries are likely to stop learning. This will leave a serious impact on children's literacy and affect their countries in the long term. Children losing the time to develop what they need at their age will lead to major loss to all. To encourage them to continue their studies, Little Library Project designed a learner-based curriculum and made it into worksheets and named it ‘LILI SEED’

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Join us to support these underprivileged children continue to get their education in the pandemic.

We cannot give up on children's education no matter what.