Let's Start a Miracle Together



We provide English books, library items, and school supplies

to Cambodian children based on the level of the beneficiaries.

We renew the space by cleaning and decorating.

To overcome one-time aid, we keep in touch with the partners for additional support.

Contact us and make a Little Library for your children!



We run long-term education programs with local university students.

We recruit university students with community spirit as volunteer teachers and train them for better services.

Based on more than 10 years of experience,

we provide various education programs considering the level and request of the beneficiaries.

Apply now and maximize the effect of Little Library!

LILI Seed & LILI Online Class


LILI Seed and LILI Online Class are remote learning programs that were invented to cope with the pandemic.

To encourage students in learning, we have design curriculums and started online and offline teaching sessions.

We distribute worksheets based on the level of the students every week for LILI Seed.

For LILI Online Class, we provide videos of reading sessions to assist students studying English and getting the benefits of reading.

Join us and let’s have fun together!