Genuine Support to Start a Change in Children's Lives

Little Library Project aims to support children educationally and encourage them to take lead in their lives.

We make Little Libraries at empty spots of schools and child centers with English books.

Little Library Project provides education programs in the name of LILI Class.

We recruit local university students as volunteer teachers and meet underprivileged children.

Little Library Project is an International Development Cooperation work of an NGO, The BeautifulLearning, from Republic of Korea.

Our goal is to support children educationally for them to take initiative in their lives and pursue their dreams.

We value equal relationship with partner organizations and governments avoiding unilateral assistance.

Little Library Project aims to strengthen the connection

between South Korea and other Asian Developing countries for mutual growth and development.

Three Key Components

Little Library

We provide English books and library items to the beneficiaries. We make small libraries at schools and child centers nearby children to increase accessibility. They can visit our libraries any time and enjoy reading


We run education programs for underprivileged children with local university students. We provide various educational contents based on the level and requests from the beneficiaries. We teach English, self-directed learning, career education and more.


We pursue long term education support overcoming one time aid delivery. We stay close to our partners and provide care service to improve their educational environment. We invented a little thing called ‘LILI TREE’ to check our children reading and to reward them to encourage them for further studies! We believe this way can only make real impact and change children’s lives.

We dream to grow together 

Our Qualities


Rejection on constructing new buildings excluding the consideration of the education ecosystem of the partner country

Increase in accessibility for children by making libraries close to them in the empty spots of schools and child centers


Long-term support for children providing quality books based on their development

Running educational programs with local university student volunteers overcoming

a one-time library support

Sustainable Development

Host Vision Trip for our volunteer teachers and young adults to provide vision and develop their community spirit for virtuous cycle.

Establishing Asian young adults Network connecting South Korea and Cambodia